Section One

Pairs - 17 Ends All Games Commence at 6.30 pm
Tie Prelim. Round Thursday 10th May

01 coatdyke
v airdrie
on west end
02 caldercraig
v west end
on coatdyke
03 gartcosh
v chryston & dist.
on glengowan
04 dunbeth park
v coatbridge
on greengairs
05 greengairs
v glengowan
on whifflet

Tie First Round Thursday 17th May

09 coatdyke
v caldercraig
on holytown
10 gartcosh
v dunbeth park
on airdrie central
11 greengairs
v airdrie central
on coatbridge
12 calderbank
v springwells on coatbridge
13 glenmavis
v clarkston
on dunbeth park
14 gartsherrie
v holytown
on chryston & dist.
15 whifflet
v victoria coatbridge
on airdrie
16 baillieston
v garrowhill
on clarkston

Tie Second Round Thursday 24th May

17 coatdyke
v dunbeth park
on calderbank
18 airdrie central
 v calderbank
on baillieston
19 clarkston
v holytown
on caldercraig
20 victoria coatbridge
v baillieston
on calderbank

Tie Third Round Thursday 31st May

21 coatdyke
v airdrie central
on gartsherrie
22 holytown
v victoria coatbridge
on springwells

Tie District Final Tuesday 5th June

23 airdrie  central
v victoria coatbridge
on victoria coatbridge
   phillip killen
scott manson

Winner of Tie 23 to L.B.A Semi-Final.